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Faculty Zero Cost Text Options

Faculty who would like the library to purchase a text such as a multi-user ebook for a class should contact their subject librarian, or any librarian who can then connect them with their subject specialist.

The library is willing to purchase multi-user ebooks and other materials for professors attempting to reduce the text cost of their classes within reason. The library is unable to spend infinitely on these materials so a cost benefit analysis must take place.

If you have a specific material in mind, ask your librarian about purchasing it. If you know what sort of thing you are looking for but, not a specific title, please give the librarian as much information as possible and they will let you know if they were able to find anything.

The library is unfortunately unable to purchase supplemental materials for several reasons. Supplemental materials of any kind are rarely available from our vendor. They would be difficult to process and catalog. They might be single use. The library making them available to all students as we would have to do might facilitate cheating. Supplemental materials have very limited utility to students who are not in a specific course whereas ebooks on subjects the university teaches do.