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Open Educational Resources

General Resources

There are many different types of repositories that house Open Educational Resources, and this page is designed as a guide to these different collections.   

What you can find here:

  • Textbook repositories: Collections of textbooks designed to be open for faculty to reuse - remix - redistribute in courses for free. 
  • Open Access Journal repositories:  These are collections of open materials covering all educational disciplines.  
  • Image Collections: Search websites and discover techniques to help you find openly licensed images.
  • Audio & Video Collections: These are collections of streaming video available online for free. Some of these materials may be free to use, but are still under copyright so be sure to pay careful attention to their license.  
  • Massive Open Online Courses: These are collections of materials submitted by faculty members at universities that are part of the open courseware movement.

CCO - Creative Commons

There are many image resources on the web, so here are just a few repositories to help you find openly licensed images to use in your courses. 

Google Image Search – will help you find results from Flickr, Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, and general web pages -

  • you can take advantage of the advanced image search, to refine your searching and to select a CC licensing you prefer in two ways..
  • Use the licensing filter
    1. Once you type in your search term, you will get an initial set of results
    2. you will have a list of filters on the top of the page, click on Search Tools
    3. use the licensing pull-down filter named Usage Rights to select the Creative Commons license you wish to search for. 

Instructional Resource Repositories