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Generative AI

A guide on current topics in generative AI including glossary, resources, and more.

Using AI in the Classroom

In this section, we explore the potential of Generative AI for learning.  How would integrating ChatGPT type tools into your classroom assignments look like?  Try following this structured approach, emphasizing learning, engagement, collaboration, and reflection.  Also explore additional resources and some discipline-specific lessons made by other educators.

Sample Structure for Integrating ChatGPT in the Classroom

  1. Establish a community of learning.
  2. Provide an explanation of how ChatGPT works.
  3. Model how to ask questions and clarifications.
  4. Encourage meaningful questions.
  5. Provide opportunities for independent and peer/group exploration and reflection.
  6. Facilitate discussions and critical thinking.
  7. Reflect on the process and the learning

From The ABC's of ChatGPT for Learning

Sample Activity

Knowledge Building Scavenger Hunt Activity: Using ChatGPT to research, organize, and synthesize information on various topics.

Activity Steps:

  1. Divide the class into teams of 3-5 students.
  2. Provide each team with a list of tasks related to various subjects.  Ensure that the tasks require students to research, organize, and synthesize information.
  3. Set a time limit for the activity and instruct teams to use ChatGPT to complete the tasks.
  4. Encourage teams to work collaboratively, engaging with ChatGPT and continuously evaluating the responses.
  5. Have teams share their findings with the class.
  6. Facilitate discussions and give feedback for use, well supported answers, and insights.
  7. Reflect on the tool, their process, and their learning.