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Generative AI

A guide on current topics in generative AI including glossary, resources, and more.

Using AI as an Educator

Avoiding the use of AI as an educator is tempting but not the best approach. It is not going away. It is a persistent and evolving force. Alongside innovations like ChatGPT, embedded generative AI tools in existing systems, industry-specific tools, and career opportunities are rapidly emerging. Consider exploring AI as an educator collaborator and assistant. Many educators are discovering the benefits of tools like ChatGPT to streamline tasks, create assignments, aid in planning, develop supplemental resources and communication and feedback for students. Exploring AI presents practical insights and possibilities to enhance teaching methods.

Professional Tasks

  • Research assistance: relevant research on a certain topic (keeping in mind that generative AI is subject to hallucinations).
  • Summarize research  
  • Literature review  
  • Meeting and Event planning  
  • Updating bio and resumes  

Supplemental Resources

  • Summarize a video transcript  
  • Simplify language of an assignment 
  • Give step by step description of activity  
  • Provide alternate activities  
  • Student assignment examples  

Creating Assignments

  • Create a quiz for a particular course >specify different types of questions 
  • Prompt how it would answer to one of your questions in how many words, provide a key, rubric based on the quiz  
  • Create an assessment that enhances critical thinking and application 


  • Create a Syllabus>specify learning outcomes> time period >add activities and rubrics  
  • Create instructions for assignments   
  • Lesson plan including textbook and articles, break into #modules  
  • Create course policies  
  • Create lecture notes  
  • Fun facts/jokes, engaging activities to introduce your topic 

Communication Assistance

  • Correspondence with student that has missed class  
  • Correspondence with student who has missed important assignment  
  • Language translation  
  • Feedback based on an assignment 

ChatGPT Video Series

How to Canvas's Chat GPT for teachers series