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Generative AI

A guide on current topics in generative AI including glossary, resources, and more.

Writing Prompts

Prompt writing for ChatGPT (and similar generative AI tools) involves crafting clear and concise instructions to elicit specific responses from the language model.  Users provide input in the form of a prompt, guiding ChatGPT to generate text that aligns with their intended purpose.  Effective prompt writing considers the model's capabilities and nuances, maximizing the chances of obtaining better outputs.

Key Elements of Prompt Writing

Some of the key elements of prompting with ChatGPT or other similar generative AI tools includes:

  • Tell the AI who it is?  Ask it to act like a biology undergrad instructor.
  • Give specific instructions.  The more complex you give it, the more effective it will be.
  • Give examples and steps.
  • Experiment and practice different ways of prompting.
  • Continue interacting based on the responses and your needs.

How To: Prompting in ChatGPT (video)

Wharton School's Practical AI for Instructors and Students Part 3: Prompting AI (video)

Lesson Plan Generation

Template to generate a lesson plan on ChatGPT:

  • Acting as an expert(role play)as a ____ instructor 
  • Create – ask specifically what you want ChatGPT to generate. In this case a lesson plan for a specific course 
  • At level- describe the level of learning 
  • According to what standard 
  • Including specific details- it may include engaging activities, scaffolding strategies and assessments