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UHD Course Reserves

Welcome to the library's guide to E-Reserve!

How to Submit Your Request

Faculty Course Reserves Request

  • The faculty course reserves request must be completed in its entirety. A request that is not completed will be returned.
  • A request must be submitted for each course (even if the materials are the same).
  • Each instructor must submit their own course reserves. Students from one class cannot be referred to the readings belonging to another instructor’s class.
  • The list of titles must exactly match the materials submitted. Missing materials or missing bibliographic information will delay processing.
  • Documents must have FULL citations (book chapter titles must have the source title and journal articles must have journal title).

Note: A new Course Reserve Request form must be filled out with each new semester.

Course Reserve Materials

  • Clean, single sided copies ONLY
  • Do not staple submitted materials
  • Reserve materials must be delivered to the Library Circulation Desk located on the 5th floor of the One Main Building.

Note: Temporary barcodes and labels will be attached to all hard-copy reserve items (including instructor-owned materials).  The library is not responsible for any damage incurred by students during use.

Processing Materials

Processing Time

Each semester the Library will announce a date at which we will begin accepting reserve materials for the upcoming semester. The Library will also publish a “guarantee date” for those reserves. Faculty who submit their material by or on the guarantee date will have their materials processed and available for their students on the first day of class.  Materials submitted after the guarantee date are processed and published on a first-come, first-served basis.


Materials are only kept on reserve for one semester at a time.  All reserve items, hard-copy or electronic, will be removed at the end of each semester.  No reserve items will be held from semester to semester.

Material Returns

Original material submitted to electronic reserves and scanned will be returned to the instructor immediately after their course material has been scanned and processed.  Material that is left on reserve as hard copy will be returned as soon as the semester has ended.


The Library Reserves Team will notify you by email when your reserves are processed. You will receive a brief description of how to access the system. Instructors with electronic material will be provided their password.

Material Requests

Materials not owned by the Library or instructor can be RUSH ordered through the appropriate Subject Librarian, but timely acquisition cannot be guaranteed.  Allow at least six weeks for the purchase of new items.  See our list of subject librarians to place this type of order.