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High-Impact Educational Practices: High-Impact Practices at UHD, 2013-

This guide spotlights UHD Library and other selected resources in high-impact educational practices, such as first-year seminars, learning communities, service learning, undergraduate research, and capstone experiences.

HIPS Subcommittee Mission and Charge

The HIPS Subcommittee mission and charge is defined within the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) Mission and Activities.

UHD HIPS Definition

UHD High Impact Practices Definition

High-impact practices is an evolving field. The experts in the field are not willing to put a stagnant definition on it. We are continuing to develop ideas about high-impact practices. Hallmarks  high-impact practices are:

·         Requires students to invest more time, effort, and active learning than is generally expected from a student in a particular course.

·         Allows students to have meaningful interactions with faculty, staff, and peers, and to build sustained, substantive relationships as a result of these interactions.

·         Allows students to experience diversity and/or engage people different from themselves.

·         Increases students’ engagement and achievement of course and/or program learning objectives.

·         Increases students; retention and persistence to graduation.

Through our review of proposals for funding for high-impact practices we intend to create a working dialogue and a collaborative experience.


Center for Public Service and Community Research

The HIPS Subcommittee works in cooperation with the Center for Public Service and Community Research.

HIPS Funding Awards

Beginning in the spring of 2014, the High Impact Practices Subcommittee of the CTLE Advisory Board has awarded grants annually to UHD faculty and staff to support the use of high impact educational practices.

The student survey for participants in grant-funded projects is here. Alternatively, the printed form linked below may be used.