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High-Impact Educational Practices: High-Impact Practices at UHD, 2011-2013

This guide spotlights UHD Library and other selected resources in high-impact educational practices, such as first-year seminars, learning communities, service learning, undergraduate research, and capstone experiences.

High-Impact Practices Action Plan, 2011

This plan was created by UHD faculty Jerry Johnson, Phil Lyons, Whitney Botsford-Morgan, Gene Preuss, and Anjoo Sikka at an AACU workshop in Summer 2011. It was the basis for the charge to the first High-Impact Practices Committee.

High-Impact Practices Committee Members, 2011-2013

Gene Preuss, Chair

Liza Alonzo

Linda Becerra

Chris Birchak

Pat Ensor

Michelle Falcon

Judith Harris

Ed Hugetz

Whitney Botsford Morgan

William Nowak

Douglas TeDuits

Carol Tucker

Student participants, as available

Major Opportunity: High Impact Practices, UHD

High-Impact Practices Meeting Minutes

The 2011-2013 High Impact Practices Committee did not usually issue minutes. It met many more times than is reflected here, but these are the only minutes issued.