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Alumni Library Guide

Guide for UHD Alumni for Library Services

Need Help? Ask A Librarian

image text reads: need help? ask a librarian followed by icons depicting ways to contact the library.


Welcome to University of Houston - Downtown Library's alumni guide. This page will provide you with all the library-related information you'll need after graduation, including how to

  • use a computer or get Internet access inside the building
  • find online resources from off-campus
  • borrow materials

Members of the UHD Alumni Association retain certain library privileges, including checkout of up to four of the University Library's items at a time. There is no fee to join the Alumni Assoiciation, but in order to take advantage of University Services like the library you must purchase an Alumni Card for $4.  For more information about getting an Alumni card visit the Alumni Association's website, and visit the Borrowing Materials tab on this guide for more information about the library.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the University Library.