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SWANK Digital Campus


Swank Digital Campus provides streaming access to feature films. Films are licensed for one year from the date it is added to the platform. 

Please note that films on this platform do not have public performance rights; they may only be viewed through the Swank Digital Campus platform.

You may use these films for classes as follows:

  1. Stream films in face-to-face classes: yes
  2. Stream films by sharing your screen during a Zoom/online class: no
  3. Provide students with a link to watch film during an online class: yes
  4. Provide students with a link to watch film outside of class time: yes

Film List





And the Band Played On 1993 PG-13 2h 20m
A Raisin in the Sun 1961 NR 2h 7m
Arrival  2016 PG-13 1h 56m
Biutiful (Subtitled) 2009 R 2h 28m
Black Panther 2018 PG-13 2h 14m
Blade Runner - The Final Cut 1982 R 1h 57m
Boiler Room 2000 R 1h 59m
Brazil 1985 R 2h 23m
Brokeback Mountain 2005 R 2h 14m
Candyman 1992 R 1h 39m
Children of Men 2006 R 1h 49m
Citizen Kane 1941 PG 1h 59m
Crash 2004 R 1h 52m
Crazy Rich Asians 2018 PG-13 2h
Dawn of the Dead 2004 R 1h 40m
District 9 2009 R 1h 52m
Do the Right Thing 1989 R 1h 59m
Double Indemnity 1944 NR 1h 47m
Existenz 1999 R 1h 37m
Fahrenheit 451 1966 NR 1h 52m
Finding Forrester 2000 PG-13 2h 16m
Gattaca 1997 PG-13 1h 46m
Get Out 2017 R 1h 44m
Harriet 2019 PG-13 2h 15m
House of Usher 1960 NR 1h 19m
Hugo 2011 PG 2h 6m
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956 NR 1h 20m
King Kong 1933 NR 1h 44m
Lemon Tree (Subtitled) 2008 NR 1h 46m
Night of the Living Dead 1968 R 1h 36m
Nope 2022 R 2h 10m
Red Corner 1997 R 2h 2m
Rosemary's Baby 1968 R 2h 16m
Schindler's List 1993 R 3h 15m
Shaun of the Dead  2004 R 1h 39m
Something New 2006 PG-13 1h 40m
The Bad Seed 1956 NR 2h 9m
The Birds 1963 PG-13 1h 59m
The Crazies 2010 R 1h 40m
The Hunger Games 2012 PG-13 2h 22m
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2013 PG-13 2h 26m
The Omega Man 1971 PG 1h 38m
The Piano 1993 R 2h
The Shawshank Redemption 1994 R 2h 22m
Total Recall 2012 PG-13 1h 58m
Urban Legend 1998 R 1h 39m
V for Vendetta 2005 R 2h 12m
Warm Bodies 2013 R 1h 37m
World War Z 2013 PG-13 1h 56m
Zombieland 2009 R 1h 27m