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Using OneSearch to Find an Author as SUBJECT

Try the Subject searches shown below in OneSearch to research a country or person using the PERSIA method. Click the link above for OneSearch and select Advanced Search. Then select: Search for: Library Catalog and change the field to Subject. Add an additional subject if needed. 

In the search results, look for subheadings pertaining to your time period, such as 17th century. You may need to combine two or more subjects in one search.  


  • SUBJECT:   politics and culture Great Britain
  • SUBJECT:  Great Britain politics and government

Advanced search:

SUBJECT: William Shakespeare                And   

SUBJECT:  political and social views


  • SUBJECT:  Great Britain economic conditions
  • SUBJECT:  Great Britain economic policy

Advanced search:

SUBJECT: William Shakespeare                And   

SUBJECT:  finance personal


  • SUBJECT: religion and politics Great Britain
  • SUBJECT: Great Britain religion

Advanced search:   

SUBJECT: William Shakespeare        And

SUBJECT:  religion


  • SUBJECT: religion and politics Great Britain
  • SUBJECT: Great Britain religion

Advanced search:   

SUBJECT: William Shakespeare     And

SUBJECT:  religion


  • SUBJECT: Great Britain intellectual life
  • SUBJECT: Intellectuals Great Britain

Advanced search:   

SUBJECT: William Shakespeare   And  

SUBJECT:  philosophy

  • SUBJECT: arts, British

Advanced search:   

SUBJECT: William Shakespeare   And  

SUBJECT:  aesthetics