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Linking to Library Resources


The library purchases thousands of resources to support teaching, and we actively encourage instructors to use these resources in course assignments, but we recognize that it is not always easy to do. This guide is intended help instructors become familiar with some legal and technical issues that need to be considered. If you have questions about how to share a specific resource, please contact Ask a Librarian


Your Responsibilities

Instructors have a legal responsibility to ensure that their course materials comply with copyright law.

In this context, instructors sometimes rely on the legal concept of "fair use," which allows for limited uses of copyrighted materials in teaching.

With electronic resources, a license agreement may restrict uses which might otherwise be allowed under "fair use" law, so it pays to be careful.  If you are unsure if a resource falls under these conditions, please seek guidance from your subject librarian.


Permanent Links

Most databases and e-journals allow instructors to create a permanent link (or "perma" link) that can be shared with students.

Permanent links are usually the best way to comply with copyright law and license restrictions.

For some permanent links, off-campus users may need to sign-in using a proxy server.  The steps provided in this guide will help to ensure that UHD faculty, staff, and students have access to these resources off-campus.  

Need Help? Ask A Librarian

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Adding Links in Canvas