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Bluebook Legal Citations

An overview of the Bluebook style—with additional resources for more help.

The Bluebook

This citation style was first published in 1926. Instead of one organization, the Bluebook is a joint editing effort of the Columbia Law Review, the Harvard Law Review, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and The Yale Law Journal.


This style is for legal citations.  There are two ways people will use these citations:

  • Academics publications such as reviews
  • Legal documents such as briefs, motions, memoranda, and opinions

Different courts and journals have their own style guides that are variations on this style for what they need. Texas has it's own rules called The Greenbook. Likewise, your professor might have specific formats and preferences for the class. Follow your professor's preferences and ask for clarification and specifics as needed. You are also welcome to ask the library for assistance with citation and formatting.

Style Guide Book

We have the style guide at the 4th floor Information Desk and a copy available for check-out on the 5th floor.