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APA Citation Style

An overview of the APA style—with citation help and examples, formatting guidelines, and additional resources for more help.


This writing and citation style was created in 1929 by the American Psychological Association to create a standard style for scientific fields. Overtime, the style guide has been revised and updated to suit the needs of the organization, publishers, students, and more. 

This style is best suited for these subjects: 

  • Psychology
  • Business
  • Sciences
  • Nursing

The APA style guide is just that, a guide. It's citation rules are not set in stone because there are too many possible resources to prepare for them all. They are a starting point for you. 

Businesses, publishers, and journals all have their own style guides that are variations on this style for what types of writing they need. Likewise, your professor might have specific formats and preferences for the class. Follow your professor's preferences and ask for clarification and specifics as needed. You are also welcome to ask the library for assistance with citation and formatting. 

Style Guide Book

We have the style guide at the 4th floor Information Desk and copies available for check-out on the 5th floor.