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APA Citation: eBooks

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Information Needed

  • author(s)
  • year
  • title of work (italicized)
  • DOI (if available)

Note on DOI

Some e-books have a DOI (digital object identifier). Include the DOI in the citation when available.

eBook Examples


Electronic Version of Print Book




Shotton, M. A. (1989). Computer addiction? A study of computer dependency [Kindle DX version].      Retrieved from


Schiraldi, G. R. (2001). The post-traumatic stress disorder sourcebook: A guide to healing, recovery, and      growth [Adobe Digital Editions version]. doi:10.1036/0071393722



Electronic-Only Book



O'Keefe, E. (n.d.). Egoism & the crisis in Western values. Retrieved from      /showitem.asp?itemID=135