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Introducing OneSearch: Home

What Is Happening?

The Library is moving to a new search platform called OneSearch. If you have used the Catalog to search for books and media, you are already familiar with the new platform. We are now expanding it to include journal and newspaper articles and it will replace LibSearch on our website.

Why Is It Happening?

We are making this change for two reasons.

1. OneSearch will provide a more consistent and reliable research experience, allowing you to manage most library content and services in one place with your UHD UserID and password. Over the next year, we hope to integrate interlibrary loan and other services into the new platform.

2.LibSearch is becoming increasingly incompatible with other university systems, resulting in poor search experiences and technical glitches. These problems cannot be fixed, so it is time to move on.

When Will This Happen?

We hope to launch OneSearch in May 2022.

After the launch, we will provide limited access to LibSearch until October 2022, but in-house collections will not be included in searches.