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UHD Proposal for OER Creator Communities Academy project: Home


SOCW 3303: Community Navigation with Older Adults 

This new elective in the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program will be offered for the first time in Summer I in 2022. This course incorporates basic OER materials that will be used for the 5-week summer elective; however, the course requires more development with OER materials when it is offered again in subsequent semesters. The opportunity to work with a UHD librarian and tech design person to develop this course and its OER options further is one of the main goals of applying to the Open Educational Resources (OER) Creator Communities Academy. All courses in the social work program in the Department of Criminal Justice and Social Work under the College of Public service are textbook free. As BSW faculty, I have former field experience converting five courses in the BSW curriculum at the University of Houston-Downtown to include OER materials for students taking them including the following courses: 

SOCW 3313: Case Management, SOCW 3331: Practice with Aging Populations, SOCW 4302: Issues in Field I, SOCW 4304: Issues in Field II, and SOCW 3332: Practice with Children and Adolescents. This hand-on field experience has provided me advance skills and experience in researching, collaborating, and design, and refine with OER materials. This former experience also allows me the ability to make my courses accessible for students to reduce the costs of materials they need for their courses. We, as social work faculty, view the use of OER options for our courses as a social justice issue for our students who are already strapped with college related costs.  By applying for these trainings through the OER Creator Communities Academy, I seek to learn more knowledge and skills related to OER collaboration, research, define and refine. I particularly look forward to improving and sharing with other cohorts existing materials I have for SOCW 3303 and exploring courseware improvements, leveraging supports for peer review, reflection, and sharing resources. I also look forward to working with other institutional professionals across the university including a librarian and tech design person. 

Collections Coordinator Librarian