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Library Instruction Department: Scheduling Process


Example Confirmation Email to Faculty

Thank you for requesting a library instruction session with us. Your session for [Course name and number] is scheduled for [date and time].  [Name of librarian] will be providing your instruction.   Please have your class meet in our library classroom [N412 or N414]. 

You can view your scheduled classes on our library instruction calendar by following this link

I have the following details regarding the content for your session:

Time frame:

We do ask instructors to attend sessions with their classes, in order to address any assignment-specific questions that might come up. Thanks again for requesting library instruction and let us know if there’s anything further we can assist you with.

Library Instruction Request

Library Instruction Requests are made through the library instruction request form found on the Library Instruction libguide.

The Information Literacy Coordinator will be responsible for scheduling and confirming the request. However, in the event that the Information Literacy Coordinator is unavailable, a member of the instruction team can make the reservation. 

Scheduling Process

1. Once the request is received, a response to the faculty will ideally be made within 24 hours. 

2. Next, coordinate who will be providing the instruction. If they are available, the liaison for the department should be asked first. If they are unavailable, any librarian is fine. 

3. Forward all the information to the librarian providing the instruction, including the course, name of faculty, the content they wish to cover, and the date/time they have requested. The instruction request form asks the faculty to select two options for dates to help accommodate the availability of the librarian who is teaching. Allow them to choose what date works best for them.  

4. Once the librarian is confirmed, schedule the class on the library instruction calendar (see slides to the left).

5. Finally, contact the faculty member with a confirmation email to let them know the date/time of the session, the location of where the instruction will be held, and who will be teaching the session. Include the event URL in the email so they can easily download the .ics file and add it to their Outlook Calendar.