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Library Instruction Department: Promoting Library Instruction

Opportunities for promoting instruction

Liaison Librarians can identify opportunities for Instruction by interaction with faculty.

Here are a few examples:

Course-Integrated Instruction: Review the semester course offerings list to determine which classes might afford instruction opportunities, i.e. those classes that require a research component. The liaison librarian contacts the faculty member(s) teaching these courses, to ascertain if an instruction component would be appropriate, and guides the faculty through the process of scheduling a library instruction session.

Orientations: Contact your assigned Liaison areas, and determine if new faculty orientations or receptions are being held at the beginning of semesters at which library resources and services can be presented.

Department meetings:  Consider contacting your Liaison areas mid-semester about visiting one of their department meetings. Use this opportunity as a with faculty to see how the semester is going, whether any issues have come up that the library can help.

Presentation Template to use for Orientations/Department Meetings

Other helpful handouts

Connecting library instruction to overall student success (data, reports, etc)

Connecting with faculty using the UHD Course Catalog

Use the UHD Course Catalog to discover who is teaching in your subject area for the current semester.  Go to and search by Subject. 

Find the instructor's name. You can also view their syllabus to see what kind of research projects they will be assigning. 

Faculty Contact List

College of Public Service & University College

College of Humanities and Social Sciences 

College of Science and Technology

  • Computer Science and Engineering Technology (Steve) 
  • Natural Sciences (Lisa) 
  • Mathematics & Statistics, and Data Science (Jesus) 

Marilyn Davis College of Business

  • Accounting and International Business (Steven) 
  • Finance & Management Information Systems (Sam) 
  • General Business, Marketing & Supply Chain Management (Sam) 
  • Management and Insurance & Risk Management (Steve)
  • Business Administration, MBA (Sam)