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Russian History: Home

A guide to finding primary and secondary sources in Russian history at the UHD library and beyond

Добро пожаловат! (welcome!)

Welcome to the research guide for HIST 3310, Russian History. Here you will find information on primary and secondary sources that are physically in the library, virtually in our digital library, and available on the internet through other institutions' libraries. Don't panic! It's easier than it seems. And my contact information is at the bottom of this guide so you can email or call and get more help if you need it. That's what librarians are for.

Our Physical Library

Russian history is all found in one specific place in all academic libraries all over the world: the section marked DK. In our library, that is where the star is! There you can browse books in the collection without needing a computer; you can go and look at all the physical books we have on Russian history. But keep in mind that these only represent about 30% of our total number of books on the subject; the rest are online.


Our Digital Library

The UHD library has plenty of physical books about Russian history, but it has nearly twice as many electronic books and journals. To find electronic books, just search the catalog the same way you would for a physical book, and electronic books will be named as ebooks. To find electronic journal articles, you need to search the LibSearch, which is a one-stop shop of all the databases and journals that we have digital access to.

Other Libraries

One of the great things about the Internet is that libraries all over the world are trying to digitize stuff and make it freely available on the web. Here are some places where you can find original, historical documents from Russian history that might help you find something interesting for your research paper: