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Accessibility Guide

A guide to accessible content!

Using the Office of Disability Services as a Resource

Disability Services is there to help students! 

They are there to be a helpful resource, however it is important to know what their actual role is here on campus. Although they are an essential part of this campus, they are a very small department made up of only 3 full-time staff members.

Disability Services serves as a resource to students who need accommodations or academic adjustments made to their classes. They serve as a liaison between the students and the faculty. They are not solely responsible for making any adjustments to coursework, tutoring students, or making the University physically accessible.  

The entire University and all its' departments are responsible for making their content and resources accessible for students and helping them get what they need. 

Need help finding a textbook in a more accessible format? You have access to sites such as APH, accesstext, and bookshare which help you find the books you're looking for in formats that are more accessible to your students! The University also has a subscription with learningally in order to make finding accessible textbooks as easy as possible. 

If you have any questions about their policies or better ways to help students, you can call their front office at 713-221-5078, email them at ,  or visit their website at They are located in the new Girard Street Building near the Welcome Center in room GSB-314 right next to Veterans Services.

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