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Finding and Evaluating Sources: Home

LibGuide for English 1302- Composition II Annotated Bibliography assignment.

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Welcome to the UHD Library Research Guide for the English 1302 Annotated Bibliography assignment.

Below you will find information about finding and evaluating sources, MLA and APA citations, summarizing and paraphrasing, and how to contact the UHD librarians with any questions you may have along the way.

Library Contacts & Resources

If you have any questions about this page or the topics contained, please do not hesitate to contact the creator at

APA/MLA Resources

Please see the video below from McMaster Libraries for an overview of MLA 8th edition.

Note: The video below outlines APA 6th edition, but the most current edition is APA 7th. Be sure to check with your professor which edition of APA is required.

Finding Resources

The video above provides a quick overview of how to use LibSearch on the UHD Library homepage. This is a good place to start the process of finding and collecting credible resources for your annotated bibliography.

Evaluating Sources

Evaluating resources is an important part of any scholarly work. Methods such as the CRAAP test (see video below) can help you to identify the different criteria to use when evaluating a source.

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Summarizing and Paraphrasing

Watch the video below from the University of Maryland, Baltimore Writing Center for tips on how to avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing effectively.