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Bridget's Orientation: Home


Getting started checklist:

1. Create profile in Libguides

2. Download Zoom client and join UHD Librarians Channel

3. Complete Telecommuting Form (then email it to Carleen)

4. Set-up appointments with librarians/staff through Zoom

5. Complete Mandatory Training

Telecommuting Form

Employment Services and Operations

New Librarian Orientation - Appointments

Set up appointments with the following staff members to obtain overviews of their functional areas and learn how your positions interact. Use the Onboarding Questionnaire (see above) to facilitate discussions. 

Savannah Fields 

Library Business Administrator

Pat Ensor

Executive Director

Chris Stempinski

Assistant Director for Public Services

Steven Ring

Assistant Director for Technical Services

Lisa Braysen 

Assistant Director for Planning and Assessment

Merrianne Bidgood 

Discovery Services Coordinator

Quentin Pace

Technology Librarian

Elena Geilikman

Reference Services Coordinator

Anne Zwicky

Interlibrary Loan and Distance Education Librarian

Carleen Huxley

Information Literacy Librarian

Jesus Serrato

Online Learning Librarian

Amanda McClendon

Electronic Resources Librarian

Donovan Parker

Circulation Librarian 

Steve Bonario

Collections Coordinator Librarian

Marla McDaniel

Cataloging Librarian

Sam Weehunt

Evening Librarian

Yvonne Vega

Library Security Officer