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Electronic Books

How to Use Ebrary

Whether you started in the catalog or directly searched in ebrary, once you find your ebook you will come to this viewing page.  The left side shows the book pages.

On the right you can look through the table of context and jump to specific chapters or sections on the topics you are most interested in.

On the top of the screen you can type in a page number and click 'go' directly to that page, or you can use the left and right arrows to go forward or backward one page at a time.

Use the drop down zoom button on the top to change the size of the ebook pages.

The little black arrow on the far right will let you hide or show the table of contents menu. 

You can also search for terms and phrases within the specific ebook using the search box above the table of contents. 

The check box will allow you to have those terms highlighted on the page.

In the top toolbar you can quickly go to the next or previous term mention.

The green magnifying glass in the table of contents also show you quickly what sections the term appears in.  Click the green magnifying glass to go to the first one.


On the top left of the screen in the toolbar is an Infotools button , which has many functions.  Some of the more popular ones are explained below:


Print. This choice allows you to print up to 60 pages of the book.  This is limited due to copyright law.

Copy.  This choice allows you to copy a portion of text to the clipboard to then paste somewhere else.

Define. This choice will let you look up a term in a dictionary.  You must have the word selected first.

Translate.  This choice will translate text from one language to another language.  The text must be selected first. 


To save books on your individual Bookshelf, be sure to create a free Ebrary account and sign in to it first. If there is something you would like to know how to do that is not listed here, take a look at the Ebrary Help page for more.