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CHEM 3201- Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

This guide is designed to assist student with an Organic Chemistry I Lab assignment, and how to use some specific chemistry resources.

Aldrich chemistry : handbook of fine chemicals


Here is an excerpt from Aldrich Chemistry: handbook of fine chemicals for the entry to Ethanol. 

1.  Name of compound and the CAS RN, verify you are looking at the same structure.

2. There may be multiple entries under each compound depending on the purity of the solution.  You might want to find one with the word pure or absolute on it, or decided by the proof if it is the proper solution/concentration.

3. This column will show the size amount that is being sold.

4. This column will show the price for the corresponding amount. 



[this book is published every year, but only every other year is for chemicals.  make sure you pick up the correct volume]