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CHEM 3201- Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

This guide is designed to assist student with an Organic Chemistry I Lab assignment, and how to use some specific chemistry resources.

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Reference Collection - section 3


Section 3 of the CRC is the section that you will be using for this assignment.

This is what the left side pages will look like. 

Compounds are listed alphabetically as well as by the CRC Number (No.)

Name is the main name of the compound the CRC uses.

Synonym is other names the compound is known by.

CAS RN (registry number) is always a good way to verify across resources that you are looking at the same compound.

Additional physical properties such as molecular formula and weight, form, melting and boiling points.

This is an example of the right side pages.

Compounds listed on the left side will have a corresponding diagram on the right side. 

In this example we are looking at Ethanol.  Below you will see the corresponding page with Ethanol's data entry. 

Here you can see the properties of the compound Ethanol. 

The synonym Ethyl Alcohol will not have an entry on its own.  This compound can only be found under the name Ethanol.  

One way to quickly find a compounds entry, especially one with multiple names, is to use the CAS Registry Number and the CAS RN Index in the CRC.

Using Ethanol's CAS number, we can see here that the CRC number assigned to Ethanol is 4800.

Now that we have that number, let's look back at the Ethanol entry.

Looking through the entries numerically, we come to Ethanol at entry number 4800.

If we started out looking for 'Ethyl alcohol', we would not have found this entry in the CRC.