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CHEM 3201- Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

This guide is designed to assist student with an Organic Chemistry I Lab assignment, and how to use some specific chemistry resources.

Dictionary of Organic Compounds


Here is a quick look at what an entry might look like in the Dictionary of Organic Compounds. 

This is the entry for Ethanol. 

The next image below is an easier to read break down for this image and compound.

Here is the same entry as above, just broken down into easier to read images.

The entry starts with the compound name and the synonyms listed under it.  After which is lists many other facts.

1. This is the CAS registry number.  This is very useful to have, since all chemical resources will have this number and is a quick way to check that you have the correct compound.

2. Molecular formula and weight

3. Uses and descriptions. 

4. Physical data such as melting and boiling points.

5. Hazard information, alert symbol, and descriptions.

6. Other resources this compound can be found in, including the 'Aldrich Library' Spectra books showing the specific volume, page, and group. 

Be aware that the front page of the first volume does have a guide page on how to read the entries and where each part of information can be found within the entry.